Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Help for Pastor Kesnel!

Last week, Pastor Kesnel began feeling unwell.  He went to a hospital, where he was tested for several things, and then referred to a hospital in the Dominican Republic for further testing.

There, it was determined that he suffered from an episode of Bell's Palsy,  which has caused a partial paralysis of  the left side of his face.

The good news is that Bell's Palsy is almost always temporary- and with the proper care and therapies, Pastor Kesnel is expected to make a full recovery.

The challenge is that the proper care comes at significant expense.  
As you know, Pastor Kesnel has dedicated his entire life, as well as all of his resources, to the ministry God has given him.   He is in good spirits, and eager to return to Croix-des-Bouquets to continue that work. 

Today, we ask that you help support his healthy return to his call.  Please be in prayer for his health, the medical professionals caring for him, and his family who are by his side.   Pray that his recovery is complete and allows him to return to the work he loves.  (In true Kesnel fashion, he has arranged for 2 marriages while he is in the Dominican!)

And, if you're able please share what you can to help with the practical costs and expenses that have been accumulating.*      HELP NOW

Pastor Kesnel extends his warm greetings and gratitude for the love, prayers, and support.  He sends this message:

"We are the servants of our God in all circumstances. Please, share it, and let it be according to his will, and his name will be glorified in Jesus-christ. We are one family in Christ Jesus according to his plan for his children he loves. May God bless you all!"

Thank you!
Chris & Jen

*All donations received through Saturday, July 25th will be sent directly to Pastor Kesnel.  To help now, click "GIVE" in the upper right corner of your screen.  Thank you!