Thursday, May 9, 2019

Pray with Hope

The people of Haiti have once again taken to the streets. They are fed up with corruption and lack of opportunity. They are tired of working without pay. They are hungry, and the value of their currency is rapidly declining. They want change. Haiti is in chaos. The people are dying to be heard.
Businesses, stores and schools are closed as people everywhere join the protests or retreat to the safety of their homes. Resources are drying up and the people need help and hope. Not just for today, but long term.
One Family Foundation is safe, and has provision for the short term. Pastor Kesnel asks that we pray that his provisions will last, as he is sharing what he has stored with the community. We don't know what to expect in the coming days, but we know these resources- food, fuel, and water- will be outrageously expensive when they are once again available.
Please, pray with us. Pray for peace, and resolution, and wisdom. Pray for provision, and help us provide relief if you are able. Most of all, pray with us for hope. The Haitian people are strong and their resiliency fierce but oppression is hard and exhausting. Hope fights fear and desperation. Hope can bring change.