Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Empowerment Goats

Thanks to your generosity, our Kabrit (goat) program has been tremendously successful in bringing self-sustaining, self-replicating sources of food & income to the One Family churches in Haiti.

This summer, we launched an expansion to our goat project: gifting pregnant goats to members of the community.  Under this program, people are trained in the care & husbandry of goats, as well as in basic business practices.  They are given a pregnant goat with the agreement that the first of its offspring is to be gifted to another member of the community.

In this way, our first round of 25 goats can easily become over 200 within a year: 200 families provided with a sustainable, replicating resource for milk, meat and money.  This is long term community empowerment; this is how we help families provide for themselves, fighting hunger and breaking the cycles of poverty.

Would you like to gift a goat? Click here and donate one today!