Monday, November 7, 2016

We were overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends and partners in the wake of Hurricane Matthew!  With your help, we delivered 4 truck loads of food, water, and medicine to areas that were the hardest hit by the storm.   Each of these acts eased the immediate burdens, and allowed us time to speak with the farmers and villagers to see how to best invest in their communities.  In each of our sites, we created replanting plans that reach beyond our own fields, and help the entire communities replant so they can thrive.

In Maissade, crops of plantains, sweet potatoes and potatoes have been planted in the One Family fields, as well as in the fields of several church members.  Plantains and sweet potatoes are dietary staples in the mountains, and the peanuts will be purchased by Pastor Kesnel to be made into peanut butter for the lunch program in Croix-des-Bouquets.

In Garraud, the One Family Church has created a co-op of farmers.  We have replaced all of their crops lost to the storm, and expanded investment to new members as well.  Upon harvest, the farmers will repay (in part) the initial investment of the seeds, as well as tithe a portion of the harvest to the church.  This cycle will continue to repeat- with the church investing in each season's harvest and the community sharing fruit with the church.

In Baugè, where the crop destruction was almost complete, the people had an immediate need for food and clean water.  Your donations have not only brought essential short term relief in the form of weeks of food & water, but we've replanted fields throughout the community, investing in the continued self-sustaining livelihood of the village.  Additionally, we are working to secure a water filtration system that would benefit the entire community.  All of this work is being done through the newest One Family Church, on the site of our Restoration Farm.  God is working mightily in this community!

In Jérémie,  we have been able to partner all of our relief efforts with a local church which helped us truly reach people in need.  We've also contributed to the short term relief and rebuilding of a small orphanage there.  We are committed to continue to offer support for the people of this devastated community.

On behalf of each of our church partners and their communities, we thank you for your donations, support and prayers.  Bondye Beni ou! 

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

4th Annual Global Fair

The 4th Annual 1013 Missions Global Fair is just around the corner! Be sure to mark your calendar and don’t miss this opportunity to support local and global artisans while supporting 1013 Missions at our only fundraising event of the year!

This is an ethical, missional, fair market where every purchase matters. We focus on fair trade, ethically made and handmade products because we have learned that creating jobs will help reduce child abondonment. We dream of a Haiti and world where moms and dads will be able to raise their children with dignity of fair paying jobs and utilizing their God-given talents to earn a sustainable income and thus improving the quality of their children's upbringing. 

Bring a friend and your Christmas shopping list! You will find beautiful, creative, and most of all, purposeful gifts for everyone on your list. There will be raffle prizes, sweets, and delicious Haitian coffee available. In addition to locally crafted items, there will be a large selection of art created and purchased in Haiti and other beautiful countries. We will be offering the opportunity to donate to the Christmas celebration of the 67 children who are orphaned or abandoned at the One Family Children’s Home.

*There is a $2 suggested donation for entry to the Global Fair.