Saturday, June 25, 2016

40 Days in Haiti

For the second year, we have offered young missionaries the opportunity to immerse themselves in Haitian culture, language, history, and reality.  In 40 Days in Haiti, they are experiencing much of what Haiti, and One Family, has to offer- the beauty and the tragedy, the hope and sorrow, the love and loss. Here are team member Kelly's thoughts so far:

"The time I have spent in Haiti thus far has been absolutely wonderful. I truly feel I am a part of a broader family and community of supporting and loving Christ followers. We are all human, all brothers, all sisters. Haiti has become a second home for me and I will be forever grateful to this Immersion Experience for allowing me to live and build relationships in this beautiful country.

The relationships I have formed here make my heart overflow with joy. The kids want to know my name, talk to me, and just be held in my arms... so my Creole skills are expanding quite quickly as well. I cannot imagine a better experience than the one I am currently living and hopefully I'll be back once my 40 days are up to see all my friends again.
Yes, there are difficult times where I wish I could close my eyes and forget what I have witnessed, but that is the reality. And that is why I am here. No we're not building physical entities, but we're building something so much more important: lasting relationships. And that has made all the difference. Thank you to 1013 Missions and One Family for making me feel so at peace here and so included in my new family.