Thursday, January 28, 2016

The potential of a cookie.

It's 6:00 on a cooler than average morning, and people are beginning to line up to purchase large sacks of  komparet, the dense, slightly sweet, delicious, ginger cookies that have recently made One Family Bakery famous throughout the Croix Des Bouquets community.  These people will repackage and sell these cookies throughout town.

When the bakery first began making komparet they would make one or two batches a week, now they are baking multiple batches per day, and as the spicy smell of ginger fills the street the lines begin to form again.

The bakery is run and managed by two bakers, who pay a monthly rent and other expenses to One Family Foundation.  Additionally, the bakery produces the individual loaves of bread that are used for the peanut butter sandwiches which Pastor Kesnel provides as lunch for every student in the foundation's school.

These bakers employ and apprentice several young men from the One Family Children's Home, who are as happy for the occupation as they are for the pocket money.  Whether or not they choose to become bakers themselves or simply use baking as an ends to other means, the future will tell.  For now, they are learning an employable skill and a good work ethic.

Bakers and salespeople employed.  School children receiving lunch.  A community enjoying a delicious snack.  One Family Foundation a step closer to self-sustainability.  Young people acquiring a life {and family} saving skill.  Komparet are more than cookies; they are potential realized.