Friday, January 30, 2015

A hard place to grow old

This past year, One Family Children’s Home has grown to 78 children. The majority of these children come to One Family because their parents can no longer feed them. Haiti is a hard place to be a child in, it’s a hard place to grow up in.

Haiti is also a hard place to grow old in. In the past few months, One Family has taken in two elderly gentlemen, Alno (74) and Elione (78). Both men were homeless and without family that could afford to help them. They are now part of our family.

In the presence of such pervasive poverty it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the needs of children and forget that there are other vulnerable populations out there as well.

This past week, members of One Family Church, led by Pastor Kesnel and Madame Yanick, spent an afternoon at one of the few institutions that serve the elderly. It’s inspiring to see people living out the mission and caring for their neighbors in this way.

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