Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Missionaries, Medicine, and the Ocean

Though we haven't done much blogging, we've been busy here at 1013....

In June, a group of teens and their guardians joined us, most on their first mission trip.  It was amazing to see these kids engaging with our Haitian kids so freely- all their differences were put aside and together they were kids.    This was especially cool for the older kids at One Family- to meet and build friendships with their American peers.  

In July, a group from Community Christian Church in East Aurora, inspired by the passion of our own Jacqueline Arellano, joined us for a week on mission.   In addition to playing with the kids and learning from members of the community, this team worked on several projects including organizing the new One Family Library, and outfitting our boys' soccer team with new gear.  We were also pleased to celebrate our first mission trip baptism, in the beautiful ocean waters.

In August, Chris and a group from An Orphan's Prayer returned to Haiti where they installed a hydroponics system (a cool type of farming that uses minimal resources to produce abundant crops) that will enrich the diet of the kids at One Family without increasing their costs.

In October, we had the long-awaited opportunity to host a medical clinic through One Family.  Thanks to an enthusiastic and energetic team, we saw over 300 people including the kids and care givers from One Family Children’s home, kids and teachers from the school, and men, women, and children from the community.   We were also able to pass onto Pastor Kesnel a fund (made possible by the generosity of our friends) to provide for future, emergent medical needs of the kids at One Family.  On top of that, we were able to supply Madame Nadine,  a nurse at a nearby hospital who in her spare time runs a pharmacy/clinic where she provides medical care free of charge for the people of the neighborhood, with medicine and supplies, empowering her to continue doing what she does for at least the next year!  

And, just this week, Chris and another group from An Orphan's Prayer, returned to Haiti to expand the hydroponics project by installing a solar-powered watering system.  As a bonus, this system will be able to provide the entire foundation almost 24 hours/day power!  A tremendous blessing for which we and One Family are truly grateful!  

All in all, it's been a full, productive couple of months.  We are grateful for each person who has traveled with us this year, and each person who has supported our work through prayer and financial gifts.  We are excited about what is to come- new projects, growth, and expansion!  But, that is for another blog.   

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