Saturday, June 16, 2012

Surgery for Baby Luke

Lukensly joined One Family Children's Home about a month ago.  At only 6 months old, so  much had changed in his life.  His mother had died.  His father, who had lost his job while caring for his dying wife of 15 years, was now loosing his house and unable to care for his children.   Luke and his brother Marc (age 2) and sister Magdaelle (age 3) came to live with us.

Life around One Family quickly changed with having a baby in our midst.  Luke is a bright eyed, happy child.  He is quick to smile and laugh.  Everyone loves him. 

Within a few days of his arrival, we noticed that he frequently suffered from what appeared to be quite painful gas.  Additionally, his lower abdomen and testical would almost daily swell to 2-3 times their normal size.  We suspected a hernia, and took him to a local hospital. 

Unfortunaely, good medical care can be difficult to find in Haiti.  Without examining Luke, the nurse told us that his problem was because he wasn't being fed 'on time.'  Lots have babies have this, she said.  We don't do anything until the child is 2 or 3 she said.  Take him to the General Hospital she said.  Go away she said.  This is not my problem.

Unsatisfied, and knowing that something was wrong with this baby, Pastor Kesnel, Madame Yanick, and Chris and I continuted to look for options.  We knew of 3 NGO medical centers, we were going to take him to each of them until we found help.

Then a nurse friend mentioned Double Harvest as a place where babies were treated.  Yesterday, we took Luke to their facility.  God is so good and his timing is perfect.

Luke has a severe hernia in his intestine.  It is filling with gas that causes him pain and makes digestion difficult.  It is pressing on and enlarging his testical.  But, there is a surgical team arriving here from Miami on June 26th.  Luke will be their first pre-op appointment on The 27th, and the first surgery on the 28th.  This team will be able to repair the hernia while preserving his testical and likely most or all of his intestine. 

There is no health care system in Haiti, and Double Harvest charges a fee for the surgery and treatment.  Because Luke lives in an orphanage, they have reduced the cost to $500 USD.  This is not a great amount by American health care standards, but for a Haitian orphanage, it might as well be a million dollars.  If Luke were somwhere else he would likely not be getting this surgery. 

We are asking for help.  Please be praying with us for Luke, for the doctors and nurses and Double Harvest, and for the surgeons who are coming.  Please pray for the surgery, and Luke's healing after wards.  And, if you would like to help share the financial burden of his operation and treatment, please let us know. 

We are so grateful for the doctors at Double Harvest. And for the surgeons who will be here in two weeks to treat this little boy.   Mostly, we are grateful for God putting Luke in our lives and allowing us to be his advocates. He is a little joy and blessing.