Monday, September 19, 2011

Finally! Already?

Our time has come!  We've begun the countdown- 24 days until we leave- according to Ella's daily announcement.

Twenty months ago, God called us to Haiti. Then, He took us on a year long detour through Lemont.  At first, it seemed like an unwanted, but necessary diversion.  God wanted to show us something.  But, in the same way that a drive on a long country road is good for the soul, our time in Lemont has brightened us.  We have been blessed to be a part of something wonderful.  We've been able to help bring church to a community that needed and wanted it.  We've been able to act as advocates for Haiti, and even inspired others to travel on mission.  We have formed friendships that we treasure.  We are more focused, more determined, and more dedicated to our mission.

And now here we are; on the verge of our heart's desire.  We are filled with joy and trepidation.  We are sad for the goodbyes that must be said.  We have moments of doubt, and fear.

We see the mountains ahead, and they are beautiful.