Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The plan...

Thank you so much for the encouragement and well-wishes! We are so blessed to have you as friends and family!

Forgive us as we bounce around in time for these next few entries. Before we go back and tell the events and prayers that brought us to this place, let me first look ahead a bit and let you know some of what we'll be doing.

Our plan is to leave for Haiti in early September. While in Haiti, we have several goals including raising up a new church, creating a community center, and working with multiple relief agencies. Some of these particular details are still being discussed, but there is much that needs to be done in Haiti, and much that we can do to help the community we settle in.

We estimate that we will stay in Haiti about 2 years; and during that time we hope to have our house rented (know anyone looking for a 3BR/2.5 Bth in Bolingbrook?). Pretty much everything else we'll sell or store. We can take with us about 100 lbs of stuff (in 2 bags) per person, so whatever fits, comes and whatever doesn't, well, we're hoping to have some visitors. :)

The children are excited and looking forward to the adventure. They'll likely attend the local school, but we will home-school as well.

Just 2 months from now, "home" will be a much different place. We're busy getting ready, letting go, and preparing ourselves for what is sure to be the adventure of a lifetime. Thanks for following us!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Welcome to our story.

From Jen:

Yes, it's true. We're moving to Haiti. In just a few months, we'll pack up, leave the life that we know, and begin our sojourn.

We've created this blog as a place to journal, to share our story(ies), and to stay connected with friends & family. We invite you to stop by occasionally, see how we're doing- drop us a note.

Over the next few days, Chris and I will share more of our story, which is, really, God's story. We're blessed to have this opportunity, and we're eager to be doing God's work.