Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Help for Pastor Kesnel!

Last week, Pastor Kesnel began feeling unwell.  He went to a hospital, where he was tested for several things, and then referred to a hospital in the Dominican Republic for further testing.

There, it was determined that he suffered from an episode of Bell's Palsy,  which has caused a partial paralysis of  the left side of his face.

The good news is that Bell's Palsy is almost always temporary- and with the proper care and therapies, Pastor Kesnel is expected to make a full recovery.

The challenge is that the proper care comes at significant expense.  
As you know, Pastor Kesnel has dedicated his entire life, as well as all of his resources, to the ministry God has given him.   He is in good spirits, and eager to return to Croix-des-Bouquets to continue that work. 

Today, we ask that you help support his healthy return to his call.  Please be in prayer for his health, the medical professionals caring for him, and his family who are by his side.   Pray that his recovery is complete and allows him to return to the work he loves.  (In true Kesnel fashion, he has arranged for 2 marriages while he is in the Dominican!)

And, if you're able please share what you can to help with the practical costs and expenses that have been accumulating.*      HELP NOW

Pastor Kesnel extends his warm greetings and gratitude for the love, prayers, and support.  He sends this message:

"We are the servants of our God in all circumstances. Please, share it, and let it be according to his will, and his name will be glorified in Jesus-christ. We are one family in Christ Jesus according to his plan for his children he loves. May God bless you all!"

Thank you!
Chris & Jen

*All donations received through Saturday, July 25th will be sent directly to Pastor Kesnel.  To help now, click "GIVE" in the upper right corner of your screen.  Thank you!

Thursday, May 9, 2019

Pray with Hope

The people of Haiti have once again taken to the streets. They are fed up with corruption and lack of opportunity. They are tired of working without pay. They are hungry, and the value of their currency is rapidly declining. They want change. Haiti is in chaos. The people are dying to be heard.
Businesses, stores and schools are closed as people everywhere join the protests or retreat to the safety of their homes. Resources are drying up and the people need help and hope. Not just for today, but long term.
One Family Foundation is safe, and has provision for the short term. Pastor Kesnel asks that we pray that his provisions will last, as he is sharing what he has stored with the community. We don't know what to expect in the coming days, but we know these resources- food, fuel, and water- will be outrageously expensive when they are once again available.
Please, pray with us. Pray for peace, and resolution, and wisdom. Pray for provision, and help us provide relief if you are able. Most of all, pray with us for hope. The Haitian people are strong and their resiliency fierce but oppression is hard and exhausting. Hope fights fear and desperation. Hope can bring change.

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Empowerment Goats

Thanks to your generosity, our Kabrit (goat) program has been tremendously successful in bringing self-sustaining, self-replicating sources of food & income to the One Family churches in Haiti.

This summer, we launched an expansion to our goat project: gifting pregnant goats to members of the community.  Under this program, people are trained in the care & husbandry of goats, as well as in basic business practices.  They are given a pregnant goat with the agreement that the first of its offspring is to be gifted to another member of the community.

In this way, our first round of 25 goats can easily become over 200 within a year: 200 families provided with a sustainable, replicating resource for milk, meat and money.  This is long term community empowerment; this is how we help families provide for themselves, fighting hunger and breaking the cycles of poverty.

Would you like to gift a goat? Click here and donate one today!

Monday, March 20, 2017

A wheelchair for Lele

Meet the newest member of One Family, three-year-old Reubens, affectionately called Lele.  Lele has cerebral palsy and is unable to voluntary control his trunk and limbs.  Earlier this year, Lele became quite ill.  His father, who has been his primary caregiver, brought him to an American clinic a great distance from his home for treatment.  There, he told the nurses that he feared he could no longer care for Lele, largely because he could not simultaneously provide the full-time care Lele needs and work to financially support the two of them.  With no daycare or welfare system in Haiti, he had exhausted what little resources and support he had.  This organization was not prepared to accept Lele, but they connected him with us. 

The harsh reality in Haiti is that due to lack of medical and supportive resources, many children with disabilities do not survive past infancy. If they do survive, superstitions surround them and they are often rejected by their own families and communities. When Lele arrived at One Family he was met with apprehension and even fear from the other children as well as some of the adult employees. They wondered if they could catch what he has, if he was spiritually unwell.  Many of the children had never met a disabled child before they met Lele.   We worked intentionally to introduce Lele and openly discuss his medical condition.  With the help of his charming smile and sweet disposition, Lele soon became a sensation at the foundation!  Several of the girls now keep track of where he is, when he last ate, and who gets to hold him next.  Our caregivers and nurses have lovingly taken to him, (quickly curing the pneumonia he had when he arrived), and learning his likes and dislikes.   Lele’s presence is teaching us all how to challenge the fear of the unknown by facing it head-on with love and kindness. 

Lele will require a level of care and support unlike any child at One Family.  He must be held if not laying in his crib, he needs to be fed a special diet, by hand.  He must be carried everywhere.   Lele loves being with other children, and is a bright and funny boy.  He loves to laugh, and though he can only speak a few words, he makes his opinions known.  It is our desire to provide Lele the opportunities to be fully involved in life at One Family, to eat with the other children, to move around the playground, to go to church, and even to go to school!

After much praying and searching in Haiti and America, God has provided a wheelchair perfectly suited to Lele's special needs!  The chair has been generously donated, but we must cover the shipping and transportation costs to deliver it to Lele (about $400.)

Would you join us in welcoming Lele to our family, and prayerfully consider helping us support these initial costs as well as Lele's long term needs?   Donations can be made quickly and securely here;  please add "Lele" in the memo field.   

Thank you!