Thursday, January 12, 2017

Haiti Pap Peri. Haiti will not perish.

Haiti Pap Peri.  Haiti will not perish. 

7 years ago the people of Haiti experienced death and destruction on a scale that most of us can't begin to imagine. But within all of that death and destruction there remained a will. The same will that threw off the chains of slavery and struggled out from under the boot heal of dictatorship, that will survived. The ground opened up and buildings fell to the ground, but that will survived. I've seen it. I've been in its presence and it makes me feel small.

It's a flawed country and in so many ways it is a very broken country, but Jesus is there, exactly where one would expect him to be. He was there in the rubble, on the streets, in the tents, and in the hospitals. He was there within the songs and the wails that filled the air. He was there when the child called for him as her bandages were changed. He was there when the man's last rattling breaths left his body. And He was there to greet the child born under a sky filled with dust and smoke.

And when that will to survive finds the humility to serve the One who serves all, there is a beauty that is too brilliant to describe.

Haiti will not perish. And my prayer continues to be that one day there will be so many Haitians living so fearlessly and loving so completely that this little country will do more than simply not perish, it will shine and breathe life into the other dark places of our world.