Monday, January 2, 2017

1013 is Growing!

1013 Missions began in 2010, with the Savini Family following God's call to partner with One Family in Christ Church, Haiti.   Over the years, both this family's mission and the church of One Family in Christ have grown, spreading to new locations, building rich relationships and extensive partnerships.  One Family in Christ Church has become a network of 6 churches with many different needs and ministries.  Our ministries have grown along with this network, partnering with each pastor in ways that complement and empower their community.

As the leaders of the One Family in Christ Churches and the leaders of 1013 Missions prayed about the future of these two organizations, it became clear to us that we are, really one.  We are all one family, sharing the same mission.  To reflect that understanding and commitment, we are thrilled to announce that 1013 Missions is changing it's name to One Family Mission and has incorporated as a non-profit organization (501c3 status pending)!  One Family Mission will continue under the same leadership and with the same vision as 1013 Missions; and the One Family in Christ Churches will do likewise.

We will soon be launching a new website, along with a new platform for donations.  Our current site, social media and giving methods remain active for now.  Please join us in celebrating the end of wonderful year and the beginning of a new season of growth and development for our mission!