Wednesday, October 12, 2016

After Matthew... Hurricane Relief


Thank you for watching and praying with us as Hurricane Matthew approached and hit Haiti.   The storm has passed and we have been able to assess the damage and needs of our partner sites. 

One Family Foundation in Croix-des-Bouquets suffered minimal damage.   We had some fallen tree branches and large puddles.  Thank you, Lord for your protection!

At One Family Church in Garraud, Pastor Maxò reported that everyone is ok, but the crops are completely washed away, and we lost some goats.  Additionally, the old church was completely washed away, but the new church stood strong, praise God!

We’ve heard that Pastor Jacsòn and his family at One Family Church in Maissade are ok.  We don’t yet know if the crops or goats survived.  Pastor Kesnel is visiting there tomorrow.  

The Restoration Farm and future One Family Church in Baugè have suffered serious damage.  The farm is completely flooded; as is most of the village.  Clean water and food supplies are extremely limited.   This remote farming village has lost nearly all of its current and future crops.  There is a desperate need for short-term relief and long term aid to replant.  God is with us.  

We are just beginning to receive reports of the extreme devastation suffered in the west and south regions.   While we do not have any partner sites in these areas, we do have family and friends that we have not yet heard from.   As we learn more, we wish to be poised to help in whatever ways we can.  God is good.

Our annual Medical Mission Team, led by Chris and Jen, is scheduled to leave on Friday, October 14th.  We are expanding the focus of this trip to include both medical care and food and water distributions.  Our most immediate need is funding to purchase medicine, food, water and seeds.   We will simultaneously be preparing to replant our fields as soon as the ground allows, and complete any necessary construction/repairs.    As always, we will be purchasing as much as we can in Haiti.  Purchasing locally brings another dimension to aid; helping both the recipient of the food and the local small- business people.   

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Please join us in continued prayer for the people of Haiti.  It is estimated that 90% of the people earn their living through agriculture.   Already small reserves are going to be quickly exhausted, and the cost of food is sure to rise.   The sad reality is that food insecurity results in abandoned children.  The foundation of 1013 Missions is a commitment to the reduction of child abandonment.   The road ahead promises to be long and difficult, but we rest in a greater promise.   Sometimes God works by diverting a hurricane and sometimes he works by mobilizing his people  We ask everyone who is in a position to help to do so. 

In Christ,
Chris & Jen Savini,
on behalf of 1013 Missions and One Family in Christ Foundation