Friday, January 22, 2016

Starting a New Year

Kabrit Land in Maissade
As we get ready to jump into 2016, we took some time to reflect on what we were able to accomplish in 2015. Through your support, and by the grace of God, we had a remarkable year:

Our Kabrit program has reached new heights!  This year we were able to purchase 5 acres of land in the mountain top village of Maissade, where Pastor Jaxon oversees our largest goat herd.  The management of this herd has brought pastor Jason's church and school out of debt, and has provided education for 50 students in this rural community.  

In the plains village of Bogè, our Restoration Farm is reaching its final stages of development.  We've broken ground on the farm house that will serve as home for our agronom,  training center for the children, and chapel for this small community.  This year, the children have cultivated and consumed crops of beets, legumes, carrots, mangoes, and more!   
The small businesses surrounding the One Family compound in Croix Des Bouquets have grown to become a hub of community activity. Medical care is now available daily, and the One Family Savings & Loan program has  helped dozens of community entrepreneurs expand their businesses.

Pastor Kesnel & Dr. Lilianne in
the expanded clinic.
The 67 children who call One Family home have all grown!  With their improved diets, regular medical care, and the grace of God, we have seen a year of health and wellness.  With the help of our monthly supporters, we were able to provide new school uniforms and shoes to all of the children, as well as 25 children from the community.  The children now enjoy an expanded eating area and kitchen, a resurfaced basketball court, and additional security and privacy from the church  and school.

We have three students continuing their college education, and one graduate who is helping teach English and computer skills to the One family community!

We led an unprecedented 10 teams of short term missionaries to Haiti, including our first 40 Day Immersion team. These trips produced individual life change, cross cultural friendships, and lasting partners.  

In addition to their numerous day to day ministries, Pastor Kesnel and Madame Yanick led the One Family congregation on 2 evangelistic mission trips within Haiti, spreading the light of the gospel to many!

All in all, it's been a great year!  Thank you for being a part of it!