Friday, July 24, 2015

Walk by Faith, Embrace the Unknown

Manouchka, the third member of our 40 Day Immersion Team, shares her reflections on the first half of her trip:

I was really nervous at first to join the team, because I didn’t know the place I was going to and I
didn’t  know what kind of people I was going to come across (if they are nice people); I was scared of not feeling welcomed.  The place I went to before I didn’t feel welcomed.  I was nervous about the kids not liking me.  It’s completely the opposite of my thoughts.  I feel like I am home.  I can tell you this is my second home.  I love everyone here they are amazing.
I love the friendships I have built here with both the girls and the boys.  I feel like they are not just my friends but my family as well.  I love every single moment I spend with them, whether it be playing soccer or watching a movie or listening to their stories.  I love how I can relate to their stories.   
I love the way they care for the kids at “One Family.”   I love how they treat the kids and love them as their own children.  I love how they live as one family.  The children are not viewed as orphans and they care for the kids’ education.  The way that everything is in one place, the church, the school and the children’s home including the pastor and his wife don’t have a special home they go to but they lived in the same campus with the children.

I’m happy I had the courage to leave everything and my home to step into the unknown and spend 40 days at One Family.