Friday, December 7, 2012

Surgery for Luke: Part 2

In June, our little buddy Luke was scheduled to have a hernia in his intestine repaired by an American surgical mission team.  Many of you generously donated the necessary funds to make that operation possible.  But, on the scheduled day, the surgeon felt that Luke, at 7 months old, was still too little for the surgery.  It was rescheduled for December, this week, when the surgical mission team would again be in Haiti.

This morning, in his pre-surgical evaluation, the anesthesiologist felt that Luke's little lungs were too congested to fare well in the surgery.  He has again been rescheduled, this time for 3 months from now.  In the meantime, Luke's upper respiratory infection is being treated and he has been given additional vitamins to try to get and keep him healthy until the surgical team returns.

In the meantime, Luke is thriving.  He is loved by One Family- kids and adults alike.  He has started walking, and singing.  Today he spoke his first word:  Alleluia.