Thursday, January 12, 2012

Back in Haiti

We are happily back in Haiti!

We enjoyed 3 wonderful weeks of rest and rejuvenation in Florida.  We are so very, very grateful to our parents for making that trip possible.  It was a blessing beyond measure to our family, our marriage, and our souls.  We thoroughly enjoyed hot water, constant electricity and a variety of foods.  It had surprised me how much I truly enjoy variety- it is something I hope I never take for granted again.

We also enjoyed visits with family and friends- both in person and through Skype.  It was a joy to see beloved faces and have real-time conversations!

Our return to Haiti was smooth, and we were warmly welcomed back by the friendly faces of One Family.  We were even celebrated with a beautiful cake and ice cream- the kids were so pleased!

Our rooms are still not ready, but they are very, very close.  It's exciting to be here for the last few pieces to come together.  This time, they really do only need fixtures.  The windows and screens were installed yesterday, and tomorrow we expect the last few shower tiles and nozzles to go in.  We should be able to start moving in this weekend!

We are happy to be back- happy to see our friends, happy to be looking forward to a busy month ahead.  Last night we ate dinner with our missionary friends, who are also returned from the holidays.  It was wonderful to see them and we're looking forward to seeing them more often.

The weather is beautiful.  Warm and breezy days, with cool nights.  It is they dry season, which means far fewer mosquitoes.  Even the roosters seemed to be calmer- they didn't start crowing until almost 3:30 this morning!

While there was sadness in saying good bye again, it is good to be back.  It is good to be living on mission.