Friday, October 14, 2011


We are rejoicing today!  Our trip was as easy as travel could be.   Even a delay proved a blessing:  our first flight had a mechanical issue (we later learned that it was a part necessary for landing!) which delayed us so long that we missed our flight to Haiti.  We spent the night in a nice Miami hotel, with plenty of food vouchers from the airline to order room service for dinner and breakfast- much to the kids delight!  We all enjoyed long, hot baths and showers, and a full 10 hours of sleep.  We returned to Miami airport on Thursday morning, and breezed through security.  On the flight to Haiti we were all filled with nervous excitement.  Xander sat by the window, eager to catch his first glimpse of Haiti.  Every island (even the little uninhabited ones) we passed, he asked “Is that it?”  And, then he saw the mountains.  He became quiet, taking everything in.  As the plane landed, he said “Mom, it’s pretty; I didn’t think it would be pretty.”  My heart sang!

Coming through the airport in Port au Prince is always a bit of adventure, and hearing the porters yelling their demands to each other seemed a little frightening to the kids, who are only used to hearing raised voices in anger.  But, that was all forgotten in face of tremendous adventure: riding in Pastor Joseph’s tap-tap (a Haitian taxi).   They gave each other a special high-five and said “Super-risk-taking-duo…AWAY!”   Again, joy.

From the airport, we visited our new home.  We’ll be staying in Pastor Joseph’s guest room while construction is completed on our rooms.   (In Haiti, much of life happens outside; rooms are mainly for sleeping.  We will be sharing a kitchen and dining area with Pastor and Madame Joseph, but will have two rooms and two bathrooms to ourselves.  Each room is about the size of an average hotel room.   It’ll be a month of transition for us! )

Pastor Joseph’s church, One Family Mission, is home to about 40 orphans.  Madame Joseph has been teaching the children English, and Xander and Ella were very happy to be able to communicate with the older kids.  In fact, Xander and a boy of about 12 have already declared themselves brothers!  It was truly a beautiful evening.  We were introduced to the staff of the One Family, and are excited to begin working together. 

All in all, our first day in Haiti as a family has been wonderful.